Thursday, March 19, 2009

UFO Radio Contact?

I have always wondered if there are UFO's and they seek to contact some people why there are no reports from ham radio operator's making radio contact with all the different frequencies we use. In addition there are so many modes of operation including moon bounce and it seems logical that there would have been some radio encounters over the many years the World's public has been following UFO's and their encounters!

Perhaps it's just because I have not heard of them and am out of the loop of information, or perhaps there just has not been any encounters.....I don't know but an inquiring mind is asking have we ham radio operators had any encounters? Now it may just be a concern or fear that our fellow ham's will think us nuts if we say anything and if this is the case fear not for if there is one person with a story there will be many more who will come to support your story. Sooooo I am asking do you have a story to tell? No one on this blog will laugh at you or think your nuts so get bold and post my fellow ham's 73 Johnny KD5LWU

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  1. Also, our atmosphere is attenuating pretty much everything from outside the earth lower than 11m wavelength, and higher than 6cm. I don't think there really are all that many people working sky-ward angles on the bands between 11m and 6cm-- I imagine if there were more hams using parabolics and there was more satellite activity that was more than just a brief pass, not to mention more people on the bands above 70cm, there would be a lot more unidentified signals to report. There are also a lot of big gaps in our bands up that high, and likely anyone using those bands for interplanetary communication would keep the bandwidth very narrow, making it much much harder to stumble upon. To sum it up, I think there really aren't enough people listening to hear anything, not to mention that stronger signals in our solar system, particularly terrestrial, would likely drown out the ones we would be looking for unless they were transmitting on the international radio astronomy listening bands, but even on those bands, there is a lot of non-broadcast interference, (for example, the 608-611mhz band also being cable tv) I am sure they are out there, but without a dedicated project to find them with international cooperation and the resources to be scanning all frequencies that can get through the atmosphere, they are going to continue to be missed unless there is just an amazing coincidence, and in that coincidence, someone actually recognizes the signal as non-human based.